RJ368630 SuperW○man -Justice on Trial- [20220122]

SuperW○man -Justice on Trial- 無料ダウンロード (pdf,rar,zip)

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RJ368630 SuperW○man -Justice on Trial- [20220122]
RJ368630 SuperW○man -Justice on Trial- [20220122]
RJ368630 SuperW○man -Justice on Trial- [20220122]
RJ368630 SuperW○man -Justice on Trial- [20220122]




No matter how outnumbered she is, a Superheroine never gives up!

The new enemy, born from the monster SuperW〇man supposedly defeated, calls himself "God"
and plans to slaughter all life on Earth.There was no way that SuperW〇man would allow such a vicious enemy.
However, the difference in power between SuperW〇man, who was exhausted from the previous battle
– even if she was in perfect condition – and "God" was obvious.
SuperW〇man is beaten to a pulp by the overwhelming violence.
With no way to resist, she is confronted with the ultimate choice.
And her anger explodes when her choices are mercilessly trampled upon!
You have to win, SuperW〇man! You are the only one who can keep the world at peace!

(Ryona/ belly punch/ face punch/ choking/ blow job/ incontinence) etc.
※There is no gross description.
※This work is a sequel to the currently available work "SuperW〇man -The Hope is in her hands-".
I think you'll enjoy it even more if you read my previous work as well.

Main text: 39 pages
Front covers: 1 pages
A version without dialogue is also included.


SuperW○man -Justice on Trial- [螺旋愛]

A Superheroine who fights to keep the peace. She possesses monstrous strength, a strong body, and the ability to fly. She excels at close combat, which she has honed as a martial arts expert.
She usually lives as Akiko Hiromiya, an office worker.

Tag: 変身ヒロイン,戦士,バイオレンス,羞恥/恥辱,イラマチオ,筋肉,腹パン,リョナ

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Written by Yagami

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