RJ342473 Odyssey of Gianna [20211002]

Odyssey of Gianna 無料ダウンロード (pdf,rar,zip)

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RJ342473 Odyssey of Gianna [20211002]
RJ342473 Odyssey of Gianna [20211002]
RJ342473 Odyssey of Gianna [20211002]
RJ342473 Odyssey of Gianna [20211002]
RJ342473 Odyssey of Gianna [20211002]
RJ342473 Odyssey of Gianna [20211002]
RJ342473 Odyssey of Gianna [20211002]




Huge Open-World Hentai RPG!

Explore the world of Gianna as Princess Lilina, who’s been tasked with gathering the six legendary Orbs as part of a plot to overthrow the royal family. Along the way, she’ll make friends, fight enemies and bosses, and experience many, many different status conditions, ranging from mind control to transformations to just about anything you can think of!

Experience this new highly-replayable and content-rich RPG where game mechanics and erotic content are intertwined in completely new and unique ways!

Over 50 Versatile Status Conditions!

Odyssey of Gianna [Vhiel]

Gianna is a world of many perils, with over 100 enemy types who can inflict your party members with a wide variety of status conditions. These conditions will change your characters’ portraits, their statistics, and sometimes even their class!

In addition, almost none of these conditions are strictly negative! A character may be turned to stone, but a passage may need you to place their statue to proceed. There may be a small hole that only a party of miniaturized characters can pass through. A character may be transformed into an onahole, but you can use it on enemies to help defeat them!

You can keep track of all of these status conditions in the Status Journal, which updates whenever you experience a new one!

A Wide World of Possibilities!

Odyssey of Gianna [Vhiel]

With three starting party members and five more that can be recruited, each with a unique base class such as Mage, Warrior, or Rogue, the possible combinations for your party are practically infinite! With your chosen party, face off against memorable bosses and fight your way through over a dozen dungeons with unique mechanics!

Level up and spend Job Points to unlock skills in the order you choose – some of which will still be kept even after changing classes!

Bad End Cutscenes!

Odyssey of Gianna [Vhiel]

Losing or surrendering to an enemy will trigger a Bad End cutscene, featuring a wide variety of fetishes, including mind control, petrification, enslavement, encasement, possession, gyaru/bimbofication, time stopping, corruption, and many more!

Getting a Game Over from a Bad End only sets you back slightly, as you’re not forced to reload a save file. And after that, you can re-watch that Bad End cutscene as much as you like! In addition, defeating a boss unlocks Bad Ends you haven’t seen in that area!

Tag: 女主人公,マニアック/変態,ツクール,女王様/お姫様,憑依,石化,催眠,洗脳

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