RJ340768 [ENG SUB] Mel's Sex Diary ~Cultural Exchange of Pure Love~ [20211118]

[ENG SUB] Mel's Sex Diary ~Cultural Exchange of Pure Love~ 無料ダウンロード (pdf,rar,zip)

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RJ340768 [ENG SUB] Mel's Sex Diary ~Cultural Exchange of Pure Love~ [20211118]




Mel's Sex Diary

[ENG SUB] Mel's Sex Diary ~Cultural Exchange of Pure Love~ [へぶんすてーと]

Character Introduction

[ENG SUB] Mel's Sex Diary ~Cultural Exchange of Pure Love~ [へぶんすてーと]

Main Chapter

[ENG SUB] Mel's Sex Diary ~Cultural Exchange of Pure Love~ [へぶんすてーと]

Track Lists

⓪Sorry I'm late…
Mel was supposed to stay at your home.
She said that she would go to your house by herself…so you respected her will.
But the problem is…she was late…

(1)Language Exchange
You will have language exchange with Mel♪
She’s so interested in you, because you’ve lived in different culture…
so she tries to get closer to you…hugging and whispering♪

(2)Mel's sick
You are gonna take care of Mel…She’s really sick, because of the hard work she’s been doing.
It seems that she always dedicated herself to learning Japanese, knowing the culture, manners and so on…
Anyway, you are gonna need to be with her, till she sleeps.
(You can enjoy the erotic whispering…her weak breathing…)

(3)Will you sleep with me?
Mel really appreciates your support, taking care of her, always being with her…
The relationship’s gonna be deeper and deeper…
Mel started calling you darling♪

 Kissing with Mel
 Sleeping with her…while getting hand job

(4)-1.すろーでぃーぷすろーと(Slow deep throat)
Mel’s got used to erotic things.
She’s actually been curious about…how to satisfy your desire♪

「I’m gonna suck your cock more deeply♪
 In my country, there was a deep throat challenge…I’ve heard that everyone tries to practice the technique for boy friends♪…(blushing)」

 Tongue licking
 Intense blow job with lewd sounds
 Slow deep throat with lewd sounds
 Teased with words…cum in mouth
 Drinking your semen

(5)あまあまてぃーじんぐ(Teasing, while blushing)
 Mel’s getting horny…for you…
 she learned more about fetish.
 She’s gonna be kind of sadistic…and gently tease your cock♪

 I’m gonna be sadistic, and tease your cock…くすくす」

 Whispering behind you
 Teasing your penis, over the clothes
 Nipple Teasing♪(Slowly touching your nipples, pinching your nipples)
 Foot job over the pants…with black knee socks
 Getting foot job with lewd knee socks
 Pinching your dick head with right toes…
 Stepping on your penis with left heel
 Closing your eyes, using a blindfold
 Sucking her black knee socks
 Foot job with bare foots

「Aren’t you gonna cum…?…(licking)…ejaculate your semen…cum on my foots…I’m waiting for your cum…♪
Cum…your milk semen…baby milk…splash…splash…(Pyuppyu)

(6)True Feeling(Pure love and Sex)
Mel will confess her true feeling…which she’s always had in mind.
Being confessed…you and Mel’s gonna have intense but lovely sex♪

 Mel’s pussy got so wet
 Lying down on the bed…touching the crotches each other…
 Fingering…with your index and middle fingers
 Pinching her clitoris
 Teasing her clitoris…her begging for sex
 Making her cum

(1)Missionary position
 putting on a condom…and gently pushing her down
 Holding like a baby…inserting your penis so deeply
 Deep kissing while Mel saying I love you
 Loving and cum

(2)Prone bone
 Without condom
 Erotically thrusting your cock
 Pushing so hard…and teasing her cervix
 Mel getting her pussy right…so that you can’t escape

「You definitely can’t escape, can you♪
Cock milk…splash(pyuppyu)…cum, cum…
Shoot a lot of semen…」

cum in her pussy♪
Mel opening her pussy, showing erotic semen♪

(7)-1.getting horny in the shower…
You and Mel’s in shower room.
They are getting horny…remembering what they’ve been doing in the bed…
so you are gonna have a loving doggy style♪

 Your dick scraped her butt
 Teasing her erotic lewd pussy
 Begging for your erotic harder cock
 Loving doggy style
 Holding her with your whole body…to make sure she’s pregnant
 Mel’s pussy’s gonna be yours

「んうう…Aren’t you gonna make me pregnant?…holding me so tightly…
But, it’s OK…I won’t go anywhere…
My pussy’s gonna be yours…♪
Make me dirty…with your cock…with your lewd technique…♪」

◇Sex Diary
(3)-2.Sex diary(1:Sniffing your smell…)
Mel’s gonna start masturbating, after doing hand job for you.
You’ve been sleeping well, for a lot of ejaculation…while Mel’s been completely horny…
She’s sniffing your smell, panting, and getting her pussy so wet.
The bed is also getting wet…
There must be a powerful erotic smell…in your room…while you sleep together.
(You can also pretend that you are sleeping, and see what she’s been doing♪)

(4)-2.Sex Diary(2:Sucking my thumbs..)
Mel’s gonna remember the blow job she’s been doing for you…and masturbate.
She imagines that she’s getting her clitoris teased by you…there’s a big gap between Mel’s personality and Mel’s fetish♪…
That express the lewdness♪

(7)-2.Sex Diary(3:imaginary sex…)
Mel’s gonna start masturbating…after having intense sex with you, in the shower…
Mel’s gonna release her instinct…and become a perv♪
She imagines that she’s doing imaginary sex with you…getting her pussy intensely wet♪

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Written by Yagami

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