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RJ315518 Maid heroine Iris [20210130]

RJ315518 Maid heroine Iris [20210130]
RJ315518 Maid heroine Iris [20210130]
RJ315518 Maid heroine Iris [20210130]
RJ315518 Maid heroine Iris [20210130]
RJ315518 Maid heroine Iris [20210130]
RJ315518 Maid heroine Iris [20210130]
RJ315518 Maid heroine Iris [20210130]
RJ315518 Maid heroine Iris [20210130]
Tag: メイド,ファンタジー,陵辱,フェラチオ,触手,異種姦,クンニ,巨乳/爆乳

** Prologue

Einguld, the world of swords and magic
The heroine Iris and her friends fight with the wizard Vector
She was completely defeated by the beast summoned by the wizard Vector.

Iris in a desperate situation
And her colleagues faced with such force betrayed her and became underlings of Hector.

Her betraying friends take Iris down to the lower world.
Although Iris was picked up by a lord named Ruud in the town called Links where he was taken,
she has forgotten everything up until now
On Ruud’s suggestion, Iris agrees to work for some time as a maid

** Maid

The main job of Alice, who works as a maid, is performing chores.
Cute Alice is forced into providing sexual services

** Main erotic elements

Iris has a cute face, full breasts, a narrow waist and stylish arms and legs.
It is impossible that nothing would happen.

(1) Alice can change clothes at any time.
She can freely use beginner armor or maid outfit.
A standing character is displayed on the field map with the A key. It blinks.

(2) During battle, her clothes are gradually ripped according to her HP.

(3) Every time she has sex, her experience goes up and the degree of lecherism increases.
Her sexual experience can be understood by looking at her status.
As her lecherism increases, she starts to walk naked, and the responses of people in the town change.

(4) As Iris is so cute, the boys have a wide range of expectations.
There are also various sub-events. Prostitution is possible multiple times, and this increases lecherism.
You can choose whether to make our heroine lecherous or not.

(5) Violation/prostitution
Iris receives a lot of sexual requests from her master, and must do various things.
Iris fights bravely as the heroine, but sometimes must give away her body at a cheap cost…?
Choices must be made after being violated by monsters, making deals with monsters and moving forward with adventures.

(6) You can cause sub-events when moving freely.
There are sex events that can only be seen as sub-events,
so when alone, try morving into suspicious places.

** Others

Playing time is about two hours.
If you move athigh speed, and clear levels in the shortest time, this is about one hour.
If you experience sex, you can remember it from your diary any time you like.

This product contains overlapping content with: “メイド勇者アイリス(RJ175983)”

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RJ315518 Maid heroine Iris [20210130]

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